Kumail Karimjee

Arbitration & Mediation

Thoughtful, committed dispute resolution.

Kumail Karimjee is an arbitrator, mediator, and independent investigator.

Kumail is on the Ontario Minister of Labour’s list of approved arbitrators, an arbitrator and mediator with the Grievance Settlement Board, and a member of the Ontario Labour-Management Arbitrators’ Association.

He graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in 1997, completed his LL.M. from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2020, and trained as a mediator with Harvard Law School’s Program of Instruction for Lawyers.

Kumail was a part-time Vice-Chair at the Workplace Safety Insurance Appeals Tribunal, adjudicating workers’ compensation matters. In addition to mediating and arbitrating legal disputes, he conducts restorative mediations and designs dispute resolution systems.

Kumail practised law for 25 years focusing on workplace, civil litigation, and human rights matters. In addition to appearing before boards and tribunals, he conducted trials before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and appeared before the Divisional Court, Ontario Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court of Canada.

Kumail has been recognized by his peers as a leading practitioner through inclusion in Best Lawyers in Canada for Labour and Employment Law and the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory for both Employment Law and Workplace Human Rights Law. Kumail has been inducted into the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

Publications and Presentations

Decisions from the Workplace Safety Insurance and Appeals Tribunal

Labour Arbitration & Med-Arb

Recognizing the benefits of resolution, Kumail proactively engages in Med-Arb with sensitivity to the needs and relationship of the parties.

When cases cannot be settled, Kumail leverages active adjudication to streamline hearings and to help ensure timely, thoughtful determinations.

Kumail is available for in-person and online arbitrations.

Civil Mediation and Med-Arb

Kumail mediates legal disputes in the areas of labour and employment law, civil litigation, and human rights law. He helps parties settle in over 90% of the cases he mediates, while ensuring all parties are heard and exit the process feeling respected.

Specialized Offerings

In addition to traditional half-day and full-day in-person and online mediations, to increase access to justice, Kumail offers several unique and innovative dispute resolution offerings to assist parties to resolve legal disputes quickly and efficiently.

This efficient, expedited staged process brings finality to disputes — fairly and cost-effectively.

  • The process starts with a traditional half or full-day mediation
  • If a case does not settle at mediation, parties proceed to a separate case management session designed to streamline the hearing process
  • A summary hearing is then conducted
  • A final decision is issued within 30 days of the hearing

Parties pay only for the stages required to get to a final result.


This highly focused and evaluative “cut to the chase” one-hour online mediation process is designed for cases where parties principally need assistance negotiating financial terms. It is for parties who are prepared to drive to a fair result without excessive positional bargaining and posturing.

  • Book directly online (no emails back and forth)
  • Statements of Issues may be quickly and securely filed through completion of a streamlined online form
  • Option of final mediator’s proposal to break impasse


This secure online tool allows parties to quickly and confidentially determine if there is a settlement range that both parties consider acceptable. The tool allows both parties to enter a settlement position and learn whether a zone of possible agreement exists — without either party disclosing their position to each other or the mediator.

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Overcome scheduling challenges and reduce downtime in traditional mediation processes with asynchronous mediation. After initial separate video sessions with each party, mediation is conducted through asynchronous telephone calls, video meetings, email, and secure text-based online communications.


Restorative Mediation

Conflict within organizations can be extraordinarily costly: low morale, wasted resources, and projects falling apart. Left unchecked, conflicts can fester — causing serious dysfunction and preventing the organization from achieving its potential. There is huge value in taking a proactive approach to disputes.

However, organizational disputes are often layered and complicated. Politically and culturally sensitive issues may be at play. Kumail’s approach is patient, facilitative, and respectful. He allows parties to be heard and helps them to hear each other. 

Restorative projects start with collaboration to determine the goals and needs of the parties, and the design of an appropriate mediation process to help parties create durable solutions.


When organizations face highly sensitive situations such as allegations of harassment or discrimination, Kumail can investigate and report factual findings, legal determinations and recommended actions.


Kumail helps organizations design conflict resolution systems for preventing, managing, resolving and learning from conflict.

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